Electric Scooter Ebike Battery 36v 48v 13Ah 15Ah 20Ah

2022-10-11 11:34


नमूना48V 13Ah
Delivery Date3-5 Days
Custom Serviceस्वीकार करना
MOQ5 pcs
मोटर के लिए फिट500-1000W
Include Charger54.6V/42V 2A
USB Charge Portहाँ
कीवर्डDown tube E bike Battery
गारंटी12 महीने


 1, Higher energy density.
2, Rated voltage is 3.7V, which convenient to form battery pack.
3, No lead, no heavy metal and no toxic element.
4, Discharge rate can reach more than 20C, suitable for high power equipment
5, Light weight.The single cell gross weight is about 45g.
6, Working temperature is -20℃--50℃.
7, Lower self-discharge.Less than 2% every single year.
8, With Waterproof PVC;
9.Green solutions (non-toxic chemistries, recyclable batteries)

पैकेजिंग और शिपिंग

1. मानक निर्यात दफ़्ती पैकेजिंग या कस्टम बनाया पैकेज है
2. परिवहन का तरीका:
यूपीएस / डीएचएल / एफईडीईएक्स / टीएनटी (इसे आने में 3-5 दिन लगते हैं)।
एयर कार्गो द्वारा (इसे आने में एक सप्ताह का समय लगता है)
समुद्री शिपमेंट से (इसे आने में एक महीने का समय लगता है)।

सामान्य प्रश्न

 Q1: What's the MOQ?
A1: Battery sample orders for testing are welcome. So the MOQ can be 1PC.

Q2: Can I OEM or ODM?
A:2 Yes, Absolutely, We can produce the battery core according to the customer's requirement. Custom logo service and branding is available.

Q3: How do you ensure product quality?
A3: All of our products have 100% tested in production. Test one by one before shipping. All the products will go through 5 checks.

 Q4: What’s your battery warranty?
A4: Our warranty for battery is one year.

Q5: What’s the shipping way will you used?
A5: We can ship by air; sea, and land as your requirement. We have cooperated with the express DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT.

Q6: How should I pay? What modes of payment do you accept?
A6: T/T, Paypal, Western Union.

Q7: What’s about your After-sales?
A7: Timely provide tracking information during the shipping. If there is any defectives, we provide free ones along with your next order. And, we can provide you free new products for testing.


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